Music Festival Identitity
Design Conceot  

ETHER Music Festival serves as a tribute to artists whose innovative spirit transcends the ordinary, giving birth to creations that are aligned with new forms of expression. Despite the diverse styles and approaches of the artists involved, there is an intriguing convergence and clash of their individual energies aligning them with one another.

The festival's inception was sparked by the desire to embody this energetic collision within its design, aiming to visually encapsulate the  essence of the artists' works. This vision is realized through a purposeful juxtaposition of elements: the dynamic treatment of images reflects the diverse artworks on display, while a structured and rigid approach to typography provides a grounding element. This intentional blend of disarray and stillness in the design mirrors the festival's essence—a space where moments of quiet introspection seamlessly blend with bursts of energy. 


Nina Berimeladze | multidisciplinary designer | based in New York City

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Projects Presented:


A design concept for a music festival dedicated to bringing forth the  qualities of the artists presented.  

“Martha Graham  Dance Theatre

A modern take on Karl Leabo’s “Martha Graham Dance Theatre”published in the early 1960’s.


Typeface design for the "2023 UN Climate Change” conferance, focusing on CO₂ emissions.


A concept store design.

Allegory of the Cave

A redesign of Plato's "Allegory of the Cave," heavily focused on photographic treatment. .