Redisng of  “Martha Graham. Dance Theatre” 1961,  published by Robert Sabin-

Redesigning Karl Leabo's seminal work, "Martha Graham Dance Theatre," originally published by Robert Sabin in 1961, presented a unique challenge. Balancing the need to modernize the design and layout with the imperative of honoring the original work's historical significance required a nuanced approach. The primary goal was to infuse the book with new vitality, transforming it into a modern and visually captivating piece that would resonate with contemporary audiences.


To achieve this, I began to  refresh the typography and image treatment, striving to create a more dynamic and engaging layout. Careful selection of fonts and layouts that complemented the content played a crucial role in enhancing the book's visual appeal while preserving readability and coherence. Central to the redesign was the aspiration to create a contemporary aesthetic that felt both fresh and innovative, yet remained faithful to the essence of the original work. 


Nina Berimeladze | multidisciplinary designer | based in New York City

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Projects Presented:


A design concept for a music festival dedicated to bringing forth the  qualities of the artists presented.  

“Martha Graham  Dance Theatre

A modern take on Karl Leabo’s “Martha Graham Dance Theatre”published in the early 1960’s.


Typeface design for the "2023 UN Climate Change” conferance, focusing on CO₂ emissions.


A concept store design.

Allegory of the Cave

A redesign of Plato's "Allegory of the Cave," heavily focused on photographic treatment. .